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Help, Looking for program/app for linux.

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  • Help, Looking for program/app for linux.

    Hello guys, sorry if this thread is in the wrong place.

    As the title suggestes iam looking for a program or app, not sure if they are the same so using both.

    I remember a post about it on another site that seems to have disappeared, it was a program or app for linux that had little anime characters sitting on your windows there were also others like sakura? since iam having difficulty finding them, do any of you guys know where to get them and if you do, what distro is takes to have them? i would appreciate any help.

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    this could help you run those windows programs/apps:


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      There is no Linux native software for what you are looking for as far as I understand what you asked.
      You may check you might find what you want. In general a good source (If not THE source) for Linux software.


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        I think you are looking for AMOR (Amusing Misuse Of Resources). It is a very old piece of software that you will hopefully be able to find in your distro's package manager.

        On Debian/Ubuntu you can install it with: 'sudo apt-get install amor'
        You can find the default themes in: '/usr/share/kde4/apps/amor/'
        You can create your own themes in: '~/.kde/share/apps/amor/'

        There used to be a few themes on, however I can only find this one of Ryu now ( Luckily, making your own themes is not incredibly difficult. Take some time to study the default themes included in the directory I mentioned above and you will notice it is quite simple, albeit tedious. The sprites are saved as .xpm (X pixmap images - ASCII text) and luckily you can use GIMP to easily convert and export any image to this format. The configurations for each theme are saved as files ending in rc (bsdrc, billyrc, nekorc, etc).

        It's really not difficult once you look at the rc file and realize you basically just sequence keyframes with image and position data. It is a bit tedious though.

        I made a tachikoma theme using a sprite I found on Google Images years ago, however AMOR doesn't work properly in my tiling window manager because it lacks window decorations, so I eventually gave it up.


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          You can try MaCoPiX (Mascot Constructive Pilot for X).
          Might I ask, what distro are you using?